Company Profile

Martin Hilchie has been building Island homes and businesses since he founded Hilchie Quality Homes in 2001.  Having helped hundreds of families realize their dream of building their new home, the Prince Edward Island company has also constructed prominent commercial properties and provided renovation work to existing structures, upgrading them to fit their clients’ specifications.

The team at Hilchie Quality Homes is proud of the expertise they bring to every project.  Each staff member is a trained professional, and Hilchie Quality Homes ensures that the team stays current with new construction, code upgrades, and industry innovations by providing continual training and upgrading.  Martin respects what his staff brings to a project, and includes them in planning decisions so that his ownership comes through in the end result of each project.  The team’s expertise is supported by Hilchie Quality Homes’ membership with Atlantic Home Warranty, an organization that ensures the quality and professionalism of its builder members.

Over the years, Hilchie Quality Homes has established solid connections with some of the Island’s best sub-traders including plumbers, electricians, and seam fillers. This connection is yet another way that Hilchie Quality Homes ensures that they provide you with only the best at each level of construction.  It’s the quality that clients have grown to know and expect, and the quality that the company demands.