Getting Started

Hilchie Quality Homes makes the process of building or renovating as easy as possible.  Their experienced team will guide you through the steps below to help you build the home or business you’ve always wanted.

  • Contact
    The first step is to contact Hilchie Quality Homes to set up an appointment.  Visit our Contact page for details.
  • Meet
    A team member from Hilchie Quality Homes will meet with you to discuss your project, determine your needs, and to give you some guidance.
  • Plan
    Develop custom plans with us, provide us with your existing plans, choose from one our popular designs, or if you’ve got an idea but are having trouble putting it on paper, the Hilchie team will create it for you.
  • Finalize
    Once your plans have been drawn, Hilchie Quality Homes will ensure that they meet your requirements.
  • Quote
    Hilchie Quality Homes will provide you with a quote detailing the construction of your new home, business, or renovation.
  • pic5Contract
    Once everything is agreed upon and approved, Hilchie Quality Homes will sign a contract with you.
  • Construct
    After the contract is signed, Hilchie Quality Homes will begin construction.
  • Enjoy
    After the build is complete, take up residency in your new home or in your renovated space, or start doing business from your new commercial space.